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  • Organic Vanillafrom the pristine environment
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  • Organic PeppercornVanuatu renown premium Pepper
  • Organic Ginger,
    Turmeric and hot Chile
    from the Vanuatu Spice Network

Organic Certification

Venui Vanilla, a member of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), has been yearly certified since 1997. In 2013 it cer...


About Us : Venui Vanilla

Organic-certified since 1997, Venui Vanilla has taken the ‘organic’ concept far beyond the use of natural inputs, encompassing aspects such as the bio...



 Vanilla is an orchid, a member of the largest family of flowering plants in the world that includes about 150 varieties. Over the years, Venui Vanil...


Advisory Services

Based on experience gained over several years of activities, Venui Vanilla has the practical knowledge and expertise to offer a wide range of advisory...


Peppercorn of Venui

Venui's Peppercorn Processing In accordance with the strict criteria inspiring the overall production of the company, Venui Vanilla's pepper undergoe...


Ginger, Turmeric and Hot Chile

The spices of VENUI In line with all of Venui Vanilla's products, Ginger, Turmeric and Hot Chile are grown according to the best agronomic and organi...


Vanilla Beans 20g

Premium vanilla beans: 20 grams net (~5-6 beans) - Vacuum sealed in resealable zip-lock pouch.

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Mixed Vanilla Products Retail

1 X 50 grams premium vanilla beans + 1 X 100 ml vanilla extract + 1 X 120 grams vanilla paste + 1 X 60 grams vanilla powder

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Hot Chile powder 80g

Hot Chile Powder 80 grams

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Ginger Powder 80g

Ginger Powder 80 grams

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