Vanilla Beans 800g

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Premium vanilla beans: 800 grams net (~190 beans).

Vacuum sealed in resealable zip-lock pouch.

Vanilla planifolia - Length: 16 to 22 cm

Moisture: 18 to 25% -

Vanillin content: 2.6 to 3.6%

Product of Vanuatu

Why our Vanilla is the best

A ‘sugar’ (glucovanillin) develops in the flesh of the vanilla beans during the last days of maturation.
This sugar is essential for the development of the vanilla aroma; fruits harvested fully ripe will have a higher concentration of vanillin.
The Vanilla planifolia beans split when fully ripe, with a consequent loss in market value.
The smart farmer will let the bean get as ripe as possible to reach a maximum of glucovanillin, and will be ready to harvest the bean as soon as the split appears. A bean rich in glucovanillin will develop a good amount of glucose during the curing. The glucose (a sticky, liquid sugar) will glue together the (slightly) split ends of the beans.

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