Based on experience gained over several years of activities, Venui Vanilla has the practical knowledge and expertise to offer a wide range of advisory services to institutions, organizations, private concerns and entrepreneurs willing to venture into or already involved in the production of spices. Besides providing high level advice on cultivation and processing techniques, Venui Vanilla can also perform pre-investment studies as well as Needs and Opportunities Assessments (NOA).

Coaching and Training

Since its inception, capacity building has always been one of the main concerns of Venui Vanilla. All farmers working or dealing with Venui Vanilla benefit from its extensive know-how in the form of dedicated coaching and field guidance. Venui Vanilla is also experienced in delivering formal training courses of its own design, combining theory and practice in a balanced manner.



A step by step photographic manual for vanilla farming and curing, unique in its kind.

128 A4 pages, full color, spiral bound, printed in Rock-stock waterproof/tear-proof paper ideal for field use.


Technical Literature

With a view to enhancing the effectiveness of its training activities, Venui Vanilla has designed a number of dedicated technical instruction documents.

ISBN: 978-982-98068-1-9

Proudly done by PG IT Consulting

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