BIOGRO Certification

Member of the IFOAM

Venui Vanilla has been organically certified yearly since 1997. In 2013 it certified with BioGro, an IFOAM accredited certification body from New Zealand.

Certified Products

  • Vanilla beans, Vanilla extract, Vanilla paste, Vanilla powder
  • Cracked or whole peppercorns (black and white)
  • Green peppercorns in brine, green peppercorn paste
  • Ginger powder, ground chilli, chilli paste
  • Coconut oil

All these products have been certified as BioGro Organic, IFOAM, COR, BioGro EU, US-Canada Equivalency

You can download a copy of our BioGro Certificate here Pdf

The certification covers not only Venui Vanilla farm but also its processing plant and includes about 100 farmers associated with Farm Support Association (FSA).

Farm Support Association (FSA) is a small, member-based N.G.O., established in Vanuatu in 1983.  FSA is run and managed by ni-Vanuatu farmers to help facilitate farming households in commercial agriculture.

FSA supplies its members with up-to-date technical information and training material, besides providing field coaching, plus theoretical and practical training through the use of pilot plots and the active participation of selected leading farmers.

FSA also provides a quality control function on behalf of the Certifying Agency, by regularly inspecting and training hundreds of farmers throughout the country's islands.

With over 200 smallholder farmer members, FSA has a number of ongoing activities such as organic farm internal assessment, internal control for the organic certification of farmers groups, soil improvement and sustainable agriculture techniques, commercial pineapple production, diversity and conservation work, and a rural work horse initiative.
Farm Support Association – P.O.Box 160 Port Vila, VANUATU

ph/fax +.678.25342 - e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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