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Venui Vanilla's Pepper Processing

With a focus on producing only the best quality pepper, Venui Vanilla's pepper undergoes curing and processing within a few hours of harvesting. Using a purposely designed solar tunnel dryer, the overall process takes a maximum of two days. This guarantees the preservation of the pepper's original physical, chemical and organoleptic features like taste, sight, smell, and touch, hence resulting in a final product of very high quality and flavour, able to compete in the most sophisticated premium markets.

History of Pepper

Native to Western India, pepper (Piper nigrum) has been traded across the world since the fifth century B.C. In Ancient Greece two types of pepper were used, black pepper and long pepper. At the time of the Roman Empire, pepper became a common article of trade. A customs tax was even imposed on long and white pepper by the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, while black pepper was exempted!

The importance of this spice as a seasoning made peppercorns very expensive and they were even accepted as coins in the Middle Ages. In the 13th century, the pepper trade was flourishing in Europe, making the republics of Venice and Genoa wealthy and opulent. By 1500 Portugal had gained control of this trade, later dominated by the Dutch thanks to their voyages to Java, where pepper was probably taken by early Hindu traders. In the 18th century the USA entered the Far Eastern spice trade, and went on to play an important role. A century later the British established pepper plantations in Malaysia and Sarawak that also developed into major producers.

A few botanical and agronomic notes...

The genus Piper comprises about 1000 species, including Piper nigrum, commercially the most important. Piper nigrum is a perennial climbing vine, which can grow up to 10 m tall. Piperine is the chemical responsible for the pungent taste and smell of black pepper. The main flowering period varies seasonally, and is generally related to the rainy season. Flowers are frequently hermaphrodite and cross-fertilization is usually helped by wind. The berries are 3-6 mm in diameter, with 50-60 fruits per spike. Green berries become red when ripe, turning to black after drying. The dark skin encloses a seed known as white pepper.


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